Wireless Video Door Latch Release


The Video Door Latch Release System enables the householder to be alerted,converse with and view the visitor prior to releasing the door if appropriate.  The system has the facility to take photographs of the visitor should this be necessary.

When a visitor arrives at your door you are in control. You are:

  • Alerted that you have a visitor. 
  • Able to converse  and view ‘Hands Free’ with your visitor to establish their identity.
  • Able to release the door from anywhere within 100 Metres of the door.

Our Battery Powered Monitor based Door Latch Release System enables the user to establish who is at the door by using the monitor.

A visitor presses the button on your Visitor’s Panel and you hear a tone on any of the monitor which enables you to view the visitor, converse with them and let them in if appropriate.

By pressing the 'unlock' button on the monitor, you can then enable the visitor to enter the property.

Additional monitors (up to 4) can added to the system.



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