Transmitter Switches

If control is required with unusual parts of the body, or via large area contact switches or even with no physical contact, we can provide that.

Switches to operate Transmitters:-

  • Smack Down Lever Switch
  • Spring Switch
    • with Gooseneck
    • with Tripod
  • Touch Sensitive Switch
  • Pull Switch

Smack Down Lever switches offer a large easy-to-use contact for those with poor fine motor movement, and may be set to a light easy-to-operate pressure to suit the users need. 

Switches enable a person to nudge the switch in any direction with any part of their body, which may give a command for a function, commonly via a transmitter.

The Spring Switch may be on a Tripod or attached to a chair with a Goose Neck assembly; firstly ensuring the user is in a comfortable position prior to locating the Spring Switch in an operable location.

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