Roving Alarm

The Roving Alarm is smaller and more personal than the Radio Frequency Distress Alarm, and the unit is carried by the carer. Its features are:

  • A discrete and  flexible alarm
  • It may be used almost anywhere
  • Having a 60 metre range

The client has a Transmitter and the carer has the Roving Alarm. Whether the carer and the client are out, say in a supermarket or at a museum, or at home, they can be summoned. Alternatively, the client may need assistance to get out of bed at night, or the Roving Alarm may be triggered by one of our detectors, thereby alerting the carer automatically.

The Roving Alarm is provided with a charger, which enables it to be recharged during the time when it is not in mobile use. It still operates even when on the charger.

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