Ridley Call System

The Ridley Call System (RCS) is designed for group homes and small nursing units, so if a client needs assistance they may raise an alarm using their Radio Frequency Transmitter, or any of our detectors, which will report through to the RCS Panel. Its features are:

  • Multi input alarm
  • For 6 or 12 client use
  • Day or Night alarm
  • It can be moved between rooms

The RCS Panel will display a light and emit a tone. The light will stay on until a member of staff goes to attend to the client’s needs, but the sound will stop after 3 seconds, enabling the staff alone to be alerted.

During the day the alarm may be switched to a louder sound, whilst at night a less strident alarm is normally sufficient to alert the staff. If the duty staff member is likely to be out of earshot, a Roving Alarm can be carried by the staff member relaying the alarm to them.

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