Radio Frequency Distress Alarm

A Radio Frequency Distress Alarm enables you to summon assistance from a carer locally, for emergency or for other purposes, by operating a R.F. Transmitter. It has these features:

  • You can summon assistance from a carer from up to 60 metres away
  • A loud and clear signal, for whoever is there
  • An alarm transmitter which is powered from the mains
  • An optional bed-head alarm interface

The Distress Alarm may be plugged in to a mains socket up to 60 metres from the person who may be in distress, either within the building or in the locality.

The client may then press a button on the Radio Frequency Transmitter, thereby initiating the alarm, causing it to sound until the carer responds. The alarm can be cancelled either at the client’s end, or by pressing the cancel button on the Alarm Unit.

This is an ideal alarm for people assisting elderly relatives, giving peace of mind to a family, whilst ensuring that if assistance is required, help can be summoned. 

The Radio Frequency Distress Alarm with the bed head option may be used in conjunction with ‘in-house’ alarms (in the case of hospitals and nursing homes), or with many of our detectors such as Curtain Passive Infra-red Detectors, or Radio Frequency Door Contacts.

The Radio Frequency Distress Alarm may also be used in conjunction with ‘in-house’ bed head alarms, so that if a patient has no use of their hands they may have control with almost any other part of their body. When the bed head alarm cable is connected this will silence the local alarm.

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