Hands Free Telephones

We use ‘Hands Free’ phones for the convenience that they can be near us at most times, and for most people it one of our principal communications with the outside world.

Ridley Electronics further embellish it’s handiness by incorporating the facility to be alerted that a visitor is at the door, then enable the occupier to establish who is at the door and more so let the visitor in if they so choose.

The phones that we market have large buttons, with height contrast numbers, and the facility to speak and hear the caller with the phone at lap level, thereby not requiring the user to lift the phone to the ear.

The phone has a phone book or memory facility, in which your friend’s names and phone numbers may be stored, with an easy scroll facility.

We offer two basic phones, one of which has an answering facility, the other without, both phones have an illuminated screen showing large characters when dialing, and then the phone is ringing, the phone also has an illuminated indicator on the top of the handset to assist alerting users with a hearing impairment.    

The phones have variable volume, and changeable ring tones to suit the users hearing, they also have an intercom facility to enable users to address other handsets within the house, and in the event that you should mislay the handset, it also has a find button.

The handsets when on their stands will recharge, and have a standby time of 80 to 100 hours. 

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