Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers 

Our Door Openers can be used to open a single door or a larger system of more than 25 doors. The Automatic Door Opener can be used to make your doors wheelchair and disabled accessible in in your home, shop, office or other commercial premises. Whether you are looking for an electric door opener for your front door or an automatic door entry system for the general public, we are here to help. Our large array of controls, switches and buttons provides wireless door access systems and solutions to meet your needs. 

The pneumatic mechanisms are powered by compressed air meaning almost no maintenance is required. Upon closing, your door locks automatically and can be installed to virtually all types of doors including wooden, aluminium and UPVC. Door Openers can also be installed to sliding doors and gates which can be activated using one or many methods of control.

For over 40 years we have been working with Councils, businesses and individuals to improve their independence and access requirements. We work with you to create access controls which suit your needs and have a large range of Remote Transmitters ranging from Wireless Push Button Transmitters to Swipe Card Access Controls. As designers and manufacturers, we are able to create a custom method of control to suit your needs.


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